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2025 Ford Mustang GTD Is a $300,000 Thoroughbred

(Qnnflash) – Ford has taken the wraps off a remarkable variant of the iconic Mustang, introducing the striking Mustang GTD. Engineered for unparalleled performance, this model boasts a supercharged 5.2-liter V-8 engine, an array of active aerodynamics, and a host of meticulously crafted track-oriented enhancements. Set to be available in limited quantities from the following year, the Mustang GTD carries an estimated price tag of around $300,000.

The inception of the 2025 Ford Mustang GTD can be traced back to an encounter with the clay model of the Ford Mustang GT3 race car within the design studio. This encounter spurred Ford’s CEO, Jim Farley, to transform this vision into reality. Born out of the aspiration to claim victory at Le Mans with a Mustang, the Mustang GTD is essentially the street-legal counterpart of Ford’s upcoming racing machine, poised for debut at the 24 Hours of Daytona before making its presence felt at Le Mans.

Unrestricted by the regulations of racing, the GTD street car possesses amplified power, estimated to deliver approximately 800 horsepower. Furthermore, it incorporates active aerodynamic elements that are prohibited in the racing series where the Mustang GT3 will compete. Ford’s strategy revolves around crafting a limited number of street-legal GTD vehicles, designed to go head-to-head with the most formidable track cars worldwide.

Jim Farley expressed Ford’s ambitious goal: “It’s for AMG Black, Aston Martin, Porsche GT3 RS. We want to beat it [the GT3 RS] at Le Mans, but we [also] want to beat it as a street car.” The aspiration is not just to dominate on the racetrack but also to establish supremacy on the streets.

Collaborating closely with Multimatic, the Mustang GTD is the result of a partnership between Ford Performance and the engineering prowess of Multimatic. The journey commences at Ford’s Flat Rock, Michigan plant, where a standard Mustang’s body-in-white form begins. It then embarks on a journey north to Multimatic’s facility in Ontario, Canada. Here, the rear of the Mustang body undergoes a transformation to accommodate the GTD’s transaxle—a Tremec eight-speed dual-clutch transaxle. This transaxle configuration, coupled with a transaxle cooler on the trunk lid, shifts weight distribution towards the rear, achieving a nearly balanced 50/50 front-rear weight distribution.

The result is a masterpiece that marries power, agility, and advanced engineering. The 2025 Ford Mustang GTD stands poised to redefine performance benchmarks, not only on the racetrack but also on the open road.

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