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23 MD Pizzerias Make New Ranking For Best In Region

The culinary delights of Maryland have made their mark on the national stage, with twenty-three pizzerias in the state earning well-deserved recognition in a new national directory of regional pizza styles created by The Washington Post using Yelp data.

This prestigious recognition comes as a result of extensive research undertaken by The Washington Post to identify the country’s top pizzerias, ranging from beloved slice shops in New York City to gourmet California-inspired pizza joints. Their approach combined expert opinions, historical insights, and input from professionals across the nation. To provide a comprehensive view, data columnist Andrew Van Dam delved into a staggering 7.5 million Yelp reviews of pizzerias to pinpoint which regional-style establishments garnered the most accolades and the highest ratings.

The methodology for this endeavor was meticulous. The Washington Post selected pizzerias with a minimum of 100 Yelp reviews, ensuring that a significant portion of the reviews explicitly mentioned the pizza style in question. The recognized regional styles included Chicago, New York, Detroit, Neapolitan, and Sicilian.

The rankings were determined by a straightforward formula that considered the rating as the most critical factor, followed by the number of reviews and the frequency with which reviewers mentioned the specific pizza style. Moreover, for most pizza types, the search was confined to the metropolitan area where the pizza style originated.

Maryland’s pizzerias showcased their culinary prowess by achieving a minimum of a 3.5 Yelp rating. The recognition of these establishments is a testament to the quality, dedication, and authenticity they bring to their craft. Maryland’s pizza scene is not only gaining recognition locally but also nationally, drawing praise from both local patrons and visitors alike.

The inclusion of twenty-three Maryland pizzerias in this national directory reaffirms the state’s status as a hub for diverse and delectable pizza styles. From the classic deep-dish Chicago style to the iconic New York slice and the innovative creations inspired by California, Maryland’s pizzerias have demonstrated their commitment to excellence and culinary innovation.

This recognition is a well-deserved accolade for the pizzerias in Maryland, highlighting their dedication to crafting mouthwatering pizzas that have captured the hearts and taste buds of pizza enthusiasts across the nation. It also serves as an invitation for residents and visitors to explore the rich tapestry of flavors that Maryland’s pizzerias have to offer, celebrating the artistry of pizza making and the diversity of regional styles.

As the culinary scene in Maryland continues to evolve and thrive, these recognized pizzerias stand as beacons of culinary excellence. Their commitment to quality, flavor, and innovation has placed them among the best in the nation, and they proudly represent Maryland’s contribution to the ever-expanding world of pizza.

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