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5 Reasons to Invest in an Express Employment Professionals Franchise in Virginia

Express Employment Professionals, a comprehensive staffing franchise operating nearly 900 units, is strategically targeting Virginia for its upcoming phase of franchise expansion, leveraging the state’s thriving business landscape and robust workforce.

Virginia has exhibited robust economic growth, adding approximately 339,000 new jobs in May 2023, and with a population growth rate of 1.15%. In 2022, the state’s GDP increased by around 1.5%, rebounding from the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Notably, Virginia was ranked second on CNBC’s prestigious Top States for Business list in 2023.

The diverse economic environment in Virginia aligns favorably with Express Employment Professionals’ areas of expertise, including logistics, warehousing, construction, healthcare, manufacturing, and technology. Bill Thompson, Senior Franchise Director at Express, emphasized the state’s strong workforce, business-friendly atmosphere, and commitment to economic development as factors contributing to ample opportunities for franchise owners.

Among the franchise owners who have experienced success in Virginia, Garry Norris stands out. As the owner of two Express offices in Roanoke and New River Valley, VA, Norris transitioned from a successful corporate career to a fulfilling entrepreneurial journey. Norris highlights the significance of Express’ support system and business model in his journey to success, transforming his franchise into one of the top 8% performers in the system.

The success of franchise owners like Norris underscores the potential of Express franchise expansion in Virginia. Norris noted that the region’s emphasis on relationship-based business models has facilitated long-term growth through positive connections and continued business development.

Presently, Virginia houses 12 existing Express Employment Professionals locations, contributing significantly to the local economy by placing around 600 job seekers annually. Eager to capitalize on Virginia’s favorable business environment and skilled workforce, Express aims to swiftly expand. With 17 total available territories in the state, the brand envisions opening 2-3 new locations within the first year, followed by 3-6 in the next three years, paving the way for further expansion.

To attract new franchise owners and commemorate the brand’s 40th anniversary, Express Employment Professionals has waived the $40,000 franchise fee in select markets. Additionally, the franchise offers a cashback incentive program, known as Fast Track, which allows owners to reclaim $25,000 of the franchise fee upon reaching a predetermined success milestone within six months.

Prospective Express franchise owners in Virginia can be assured of comprehensive support. Express handles payroll funding for franchise owners, allowing them to focus on building local business relationships while the brand manages administrative tasks. Moreover, the brand provides robust franchise support through training programs, conferences, and marketing strategy assistance.

Notably, Express franchise ownership doesn’t require prior staffing experience. Approximately 95% of current owners lacked staffing backgrounds. The brand values attributes such as leadership skills, clear communication, motivation, extroverted personalities, and the ability to establish relationships and make sales calls.

The ideal Express Employment Professionals franchise owner embodies the brand’s community-focused culture, serving as a bridge between job seekers and employers. With a commitment to making a positive impact in their community, franchise owners at Express are dedicated to helping individuals find employment and businesses secure the right talent. As the brand strives to reach 900 units by the year’s end, Express remains dedicated to its mission of delivering exceptional service and solidifying its status as a premier staffing franchise.

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