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500 plus people of all faiths gathered under one roof to recognize July as “Muslim American Heritage Month”

ATLANTA, GA, UNITED STATES, (Qnnflash) – Voices of Muslims (VoM) has collaborated with lawmakers from both parties to introduce Georgia House Bill 360, which acknowledges and celebrates the contributions made by Muslims to Georgia, the USA, and the world. In their efforts to promote awareness about Muslim American history and contributions, VoM has worked closely with mayors, city council members from 30 cities, and commissioners from 6 counties across Georgia to organize proclamation presentation ceremonies involving Muslims and non-Muslims. For the first time in America’s history, VoM successfully brought together hundreds of people from diverse faiths under one roof to celebrate and recognize July as “Muslim American Heritage Month.”

During the celebration, key figures like US Senator Jon Ossoff, Senate Minority Leader Senator Gloria Butler, and Georgia House Minority Leader James Beverly shared their thoughts and demonstrated unity with the Muslim community. The event highlighted the significant historical ties between America and Muslims, dating back to the 1600s, when Muslims such as Omar Ibn Sayyid and Ayuba Suleiman Diallo contributed to the construction of the White House. It also acknowledged the rich cultural diversity of the Muslim population in the US, with individuals hailing from various regions, including Africa, South Asia, the Arab world, and other parts of the globe.

Despite the contributions and historical connections, Muslims in America continue to face challenges, including Islamophobia, discrimination, and prejudice. Muslim school children have experienced an alarming 63% increase in complaints of bullying and exposure to Islamophobic material in classrooms. To combat these issues and foster a sense of pride and belonging among Muslim Americans, VoM seeks to promote diversity, inclusion, and awareness about the Muslim heritage through the observance of Muslim American Heritage Month.

Voices of Muslims (VoM) is a grassroots organization dedicated to encouraging Muslim American participation in democracy, advocating for religious freedom, universal justice, human rights, racial equality, equal economic opportunities, voting rights, and combating the Islamophobic narrative. The organization aims to create a better quality of life for Muslim Americans while promoting understanding and appreciation for their history and contributions. VoM looks forward to bipartisan support for Georgia HB360 in the 2024 legislative session, a crucial bill recognizing and honoring the Muslim community’s significant role in Georgia and beyond.

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