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A company from Australia sues Twitter for unpaid bills in the amount of $665,000

As evidenced by court documents, an Australian project management firm has sued Twitter in a US court for an amount equal to around A$1 million ($665,000) for allegedly unpaid bills covering work performed in four different nations.

Facilitate Corp, a private company situated in Sydney, Australia, filed an action against Twitter on June 29 in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California, alleging that Twitter had breached the contract by not paying the company’s invoices.

Since Elon Musk purchased Twitter (TWTR) for $44 billion last year, the social media network has been hit with multiple lawsuits, including this one from an Australian company alleging non-payment of bills and rent.

Facilitate reported that it fitted out Twitter’s Singapore and Sydney headquarters and cleared out its Sydney location between the years 2022 and 2023.

According to Facilitate, Twitter owed the firm around 203,000 pounds ($257,000), S$546,600 ($404,000), and A$61,300 ($40,700) for the aforementioned services.

Twitter, now known as X Corp, has closed its public relations department. Reuters’ attempts to contact Twitter’s Australian headquarters were unsuccessful.

Facilitate claimed it wanted trial-determined compensatory damages plus attorney fees and interest at the maximum rate allowed by law.

Earlier this year, US-based consulting firm Innisfree M&A sued it, claiming roughly $1.9 million for what it alleged were unpaid payments after it advised Twitter on its acquisition by Musk. Ex-PR firm that worked with Twitter filed a lawsuit against the company in New York state court in May, claiming it had not been paid.

As of January, court proceedings were underway between Twitter and Britain’s Crown Estate, a private enterprise that maintains the royal family’s property holdings, for claimed unpaid rent on Twitter’s London headquarters.

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