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A worker at an airport in Texas passed away after being “ingested” into an airplane engine.

Officials at San Antonio International Airport said a ground worker was murdered on Friday when he was “ingested” into a plane’s engine.

With only one working engine, Delta Flight 1111 from Los Angeles landed safely in San Antonio and began taxiing to the gate “when around 10:25 p.m., a worker was pulled into that engine,” sunday evening, a statement was issued by the National Transportation Safety Board.

It also noted that the safety board was still investigating the incident. According to a spokeswoman, San Antonio International is assisting law enforcement with their investigation.

An airline ground crew member was killed in an accident on the airport’s ground on Friday night, according to a statement released by airport spokesman Erin Rodriguez.

We are assisting law enforcement with their investigation and are extremely grieved by this tragedy. We’ll keep you updated when additional information becomes available.

It was reported that Delta Air Lines was “grieving” the death of a passenger.

We are devastated by the death of a loved one in our aviation family in San Antonio. “Our thoughts and prayers are with their loved ones at this time,” a Delta representative said in an email.

The NTSB announced in a statement in January that the body of an airport worker who died in an accident on New Year’s Eve at Montgomery Regional Airport in Alabama had been absorbed into the engine of an airplane.

According to the agency, the airplane, an Embraer 170 flown by Envoy Air and owned by a minor airline, was “parked at the gate with the parking brake set when a ground support personnel was consumed.”

Executive Director of the Airport Wade Davis expressed his condolences for the loss of an AA/Piedmont Airlines employee. During this trying time, we want the family to know that we are thinking about and praying for them.

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