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According to a New TikTok Trend, Men Think About the Roman Empire All the Time

In a surprising convergence of pop culture references, rapper Nicki Minaj and Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius have found themselves in the spotlight, thanks to their strong ties to the Roman Empire. This unexpected connection has captivated audiences, with Minaj hosting the MTV Video Music Awards and preparing for the release of a new album in November.

However, it’s not just Nicki Minaj who’s bringing the Roman Empire to the forefront of our cultural consciousness. A viral trend on TikTok has shed light on just how frequently men think about this historical period. The results have been nothing short of astonishing for both the women filming these videos and viewers who may have underestimated the Roman Empire’s significance.

The TikTok trend revolves around women recording interactions with their husbands or boyfriends, posing a simple question: “How often do you think about the Roman Empire, and when was the last time you did?” The responses have been nothing short of eye-opening, revealing a level of fascination with the Roman Empire that has caught many by surprise.

For the men featured in these videos, thinking about the Roman Empire is not a rare occurrence—it’s a daily routine or, at the very least, a monthly reflection. Their earnest responses indicate that this historical era occupies a substantial space in their thoughts and lives. Meanwhile, their partners, often taken aback by the frequency of these musings, react with genuine shock.

The humorous contrast between the couples’ reactions has fueled the virality of this TikTok trend, captivating audiences across the platform. The hashtag #RomanEmpire has already garnered over 893 million views, and individual videos have amassed hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of views. A compilation video featuring the most popular clips in this trend has itself garnered over 8 million views.

While the exact origins of this trend remain unclear, it may trace back to a Roman reenactor named Gaius Flavius, who posted an Instagram reel in August. In his video, Flavius humorously suggested that women ask their “husband, boyfriend, father, or brother” how often they think about the Roman Empire, promising that they would be “surprised by their answers.”

As this unexpected cultural phenomenon continues to gain momentum, it highlights the enduring allure of the Roman Empire and its ability to captivate the minds of people in the most unexpected ways. Whether through rap music or humorous TikTok trends, the Roman Empire’s influence continues to make its mark on pop culture.

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