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Airbus secures the largest aircraft order in history from India’s IndiGo.

Commercial aviation’s record aircraft order was just placed with Airbus.

The low-cost Indian airline IndiGo secured an order with the French aerospace firm on Monday for 500 of the company’s A320 planes, with deliveries scheduled for 2030–2035.

The arrangement takes the total number of Airbus (EADSY) planes IndiGo has bought to 1,330 and establishes “the record for the biggest single purchase agreement in the history of commercial aviation,” according to an announcement from Airbus.

IndiGo, which began operations in 2006, boasts the largest market share of any Indian airline. In the past fiscal year, they carried 86 million passengers.

Companies in the aviation industry are eager to take advantage of the rising demand for air travel that may result from India’s burgeoning economy and population. Air India, a competitor of IndiGo, placed an order with Airbus and Boeing (BA) for more than 470 planes in February.

Technology businesses have also been informed, with some increasing output and creating additional storefronts throughout the country to accommodate the anticipated surge in demand.

The South Asian country is predicted to have the highest GDP growth rate among all major emerging and advanced economies this year, at 5.9%, according to the International Monetary Fund. As of April, the UN projected that India’s population of 1.43 billion would surpass China’s population of 1.34 billion by the middle of this year.

Pieter Elbers, the chief executive officer of IndiGo, stated in a statement that the firm would be able to “fulfill its mission to continue to boost economic growth, social cohesion, and mobility in India” with the assistance of the ruling that was issued on Monday. IndiGo operates the majority (75%) of its flights within India.

Elbers said that in India, where the economy is growing and people’s incomes are going up, “millions of people who have never flown before are still joining a booming aviation market.”

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