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Amazon released a new collection for ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ just in time for Season Two—here are 18 products you can shop now


Amazon, the worldwide web-based retail monster, has sent off an astonishing new assortment roused by the well known book series “The Late spring I Turned Pretty” by Jenny Han. Planned flawlessly with the arrival of Season Two of the TV variation, fans can now shop an organized determination of 18 items that catch the substance and sentimentality of this darling story about growing up. From style to magnificence and embellishments, these things make certain to please fans and drench them in the realm of “The Mid year I Turned Pretty.”

  1. Ocean side Towel: Parlor in style with a delicate and lively ocean side towel highlighting notable statements and symbolism from the book series.
  2. Handbag: Convey your possessions with a hint of summer enchant utilizing an extensive handbag decorated with themes roused by the story.
  3. Book Set: Plunge into the whole set of three with a wonderfully bundled book set, including each of the three books by Jenny Han.
  4. Engage Wristband: Wear your affection for the series with a fragile fascinate arm band decorated with emblematic charms from the story.
  5. Flower Sundress: Embrace the soul of summer with a windy botanical sundress that inspires the lighthearted energy of the beachside setting.
  6. Wall Craftsmanship Prints: Enrich your space with shocking wall workmanship prints highlighting scenes and statements from “The Late spring I Turned Pretty.”
  7. Scented Flame: Set a loosening up air with a scented light that catches the substance of the ocean side and the story’s nostalgic mood.
  8. Ocean side Cap: Safeguard yourself from the sun in style with a popular ocean side cap highlighting weaving or prints roused by the series.
  9. Telephone Case: Safeguard your telephone while displaying your adoration for the books with a telephone case embellished with enchanting plans.
  10. Cosmetics Range: Make staggering summer looks with a restricted release cosmetics range roused by the dynamic shades of the ocean side.
  11. Studs: Complete your late spring outfits with a couple of ocean side themed hoops, including shells or other seaside components.
  12. Lacquer Pins: Add a dash of caprice to your packs or dress with polish pins portraying cherished characters or images from the series.
  13. Diary: Narrative your own late spring recollections in a wonderfully planned diary motivated by “The Mid year I Turned Pretty.”
  14. Toss Cover: Comfortable up with a delicate and soothing toss cover enhanced with ocean side themed examples and statements.
  15. Scrunchies: Style your hair with a bunch of bright scrunchies highlighting examples and prints suggestive of the book series.
  16. Shades: Safeguard your eyes from the sun’s beams with a couple of in vogue shades roused by the characters’ easygoing style.
  17. Water Jug: Remain hydrated on your own mid year undertakings with a tough and smart water bottle embellished with ocean side enlivened plans.
  18. Keychain: Convey a piece of the story with you any place you go with a keychain including a person or statement from the series.


With the arrival of the new assortment propelled by “The Late spring I Turned Pretty” on Amazon, fans can now completely submerge themselves in the realm of the dearest book series and forthcoming Season Two. From design and accomplices to home stylistic layout and magnificence things, these 18 items catch the embodiment of the story, permitting fans to communicate their adoration and wistfulness for the books. Whether you’re looking for an ocean side roused closet or hoping to encircle yourself with tokens of this endearing story, the assortment offers something for everybody. So begin shopping and set out on a mid year venture that mirrors the wizardry of “The Late spring I Turned Pretty.”

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