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An FAA airworthiness certificate has just been issued to a flying vehicle prototype.

The Federal Aviation Administration has given its approval for a vehicle to be tested that a startup company in California refers to as a flying car. This vehicle is the first totally electric vehicle that can both fly and ride on roads to obtain approval from the United States government.

According to Alef Automotive, its vehicle/aircraft, which has been given the name “Model A,” is the first flying vehicle that is able to be driven on public roads and can park in regular parking spaces like a regular car. Additionally, it is able to take off and land in a vertical position. It is speculated that it will have a driving range of up to 200 miles, a flying range of up to 110 miles, and will be able to accommodate either one or two passengers.

The business anticipates that each car will sell for a price of $300,000, and the first delivery is scheduled to take place at the end of 2025.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has announced that it has awarded the corporation a special airworthiness certificate, which will allow for limited reasons such as research and development as well as exhibitions.

The term “vehicle takeoff and landing aircraft” (VTOL) refers to the type of aircraft that is being developed by a number of different businesses. According to the FAA, Alef is “not the first aircraft of its kind” to receive a unique airworthiness authorization. Alef’s vehicle, on the other hand, can operate on roads as well as in the air, has the appearance of a typical automobile, and can be parked in a typical parking spot. These capabilities set it apart from other vehicles, according to Alef.

“We couldn’t be happier to have received this clearance from the FAA. It makes it possible for us to get closer to delivering people a commute that is both more kind to the environment and quicker, saving individuals and businesses hours each week.” According to Jim Dukhovny, CEO of Alef, this represents “one small step” for aircraft but “one giant step” for automobiles.

According to the website of the company, the flying car will be approved as a “low speed vehicle,” which indicates that it will be unable to travel at a speed of more than approximately 25 miles per hour on a paved road. According to a statement that was published on the website by the corporation, “The assumption is that, if a driver needs a faster route, a driver will use Alef’s flight capabilities.”

Regardless of this, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration must still give their blessing before it can be driven on public roads.

Since 2015, work on the automobile has been progressing steadily toward completion. In 2015, four individuals named Constantine Kisly, Pavel Markin, Oleg Petrov, and Dukhovny came up with the idea to establish a business with the intention of creating flying cars after watching the “Back to the Future” films. These films predicted that flying cars will be commercially accessible in the year 2015.

The business claims that in 2018, an automated test flight of a stripped-down prototype of the car was successfully completed, and that in 2019, a full-scale prototype was flown. On the other hand, Alef stated that in order to carry on with the required research and development, it required a specific airworthiness certificate from the FAA.

The company also stated earlier this year that it had accepted refundable pre-orders for more than 400 of the vehicles. The fee to be in the general queue is $150, while the cost to be in the priority queue is $1,500.

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