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In the first Olympic Esports Week, gamers encounter the Games.

From Thursday on, the world’s best e-archers, e-sharpshooters, e-racers, e-cyclists, e-sailors, dancers, and e-chess players will converge on Singapore for the inaugural Olympic Esports Week.

The Suntec City Convention and Exhibition Centre will host a commercial video game tournament with an opening ceremony in the spirit of the Olympic Games. The tournament itself will take place on three massive screens.

A 38-year-old local, Siti Zhywee is competing in “Just Dance,” and she is nothing like the classic gamer’s image of a sedentary, overweight teen.

Zhywee plays the Ubisoft product for two to four hours a day to maintain her competitive edge as a dance fitness instructor and mother of two.

Zhywee and her competitors score points by recreating the on-screen moves of an electronic dancer, with the latter’s performance garnering bonus points from the judges for its expressiveness and elegance.

“It demands an enormous quantity of energy,” she told Reuters on location.

But I’m excited by the task, and I’m training every day, and my kids love watching me work out at home.

Even though each of the 10 games is put on by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the winners get prizes instead of medals.

Even though each of the 10 games is put on by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the winners get prizes instead of medals.

The Olympic Esports Week expands on the Olympic Virtual Series as part of IOC President Thomas Bach’s push to connect with a new generation of fans and make use of cutting-edge technology.

A year ago in January, the International Olympic Committee hired Vincent Pereira as its first Head Of Virtual Sport. “It’s an integral aspect of our global strategy,” Pereira said.

We’re incredibly psyched to host the inaugural Olympic Esports Week in Singapore, and to introduce the Olympic Esports brand to the world.

Even though esports will be recognized for the first time at the Asian Games this year in Hangzhou with medals on the line, Olympic inclusion is not necessarily the end goal, according to Pereira.

“It’s like comparing apples and oranges.” He explained that each group has its own set of rules.

However, both cultures share many of the same ideals, including those that are central to the Olympic movement.

The same synergies and values can be seen in esports, and that’s what we hope to highlight during Olympic Esports Week.

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