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As a storm strikes the West Coast, hundreds of flights are canceled.

On Sunday evening, a significant number of aircraft, over 4,500, experienced delays or cancellations throughout the United States. This occurrence coincided with California’s ongoing preparations for the impending effects of Tropical Storm Hilary. A significant proportion of the flights either originated from or were destined for locations within California or its neighboring states.

Based on data from FlightAware, it has been seen that Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas has experienced a significant impact, with over 300 flights being canceled. Similarly, San Diego International Airport has also been affected, with over 40% of both incoming and outgoing flights being canceled.

Approximately one-third of the flights arriving and departing from Ontario International Airport, located west of Los Angeles, have been cancelled. This cancellation is occurring concurrently with flash flood warnings affecting over 9 million citizens in the metropolis.

In the state of California, the airports located in Burbank, Santa Ana, and Sacramento have had a cancellation rate above 20% for their departing flights. Additionally, Daugherty Field airport in Long Beach has reported a cancellation rate of no less than 42% for its incoming flights.

Furthermore, the occurrence of delays has been observed at international airports in Denver and Phoenix, as the propagation of the storm’s impact becomes apparent.

As of the present moment, the hurricane has not yet reached the United States’ landmass, however it did impact Mexico’s Baja California region with significant force on the preceding Sunday. In response to deteriorating conditions, Governors Gavin Newsom of California and Joe Lombardo of Nevada have declared states of emergency.

It is highly probable that Hilary will result in significant flooding in several regions of California and Nevada, potentially leading to an accumulation of precipitation equivalent to the average annual rainfall in a single day, namely on Sunday.

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