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Baltimore author Elizabeth Evitts Dickinson just picked up her second Baker Artist Award — and $40,000

Baltimore, (Qnnflash) – Elizabeth Evitts Dickinson, a Baltimore-based author who recently received her second Baker Artist Award, is a skilled wordsmith with a unique ability to transition seamlessly between different writing forms.

Unlike many writers who choose to specialize in a single form of writing, Dickinson is a true chameleon in the literary world. Her expertise spans across journalism, fiction, and memoir-writing, each requiring distinct skill sets that don’t always overlap. Dickinson, however, loves all three equally and lets the nature of the story guide her choice of form.

Her nonfiction work encompasses a wide range of topics, from covering the pillaging of Native American graves to exploring the theft of Judy Garland’s iconic ruby slippers from “The Wizard of Oz.” A memoir she penned about her grandmother’s suicide earned recognition from the Best American Essays of 2016. Her fiction has graced prestigious literary magazines including McSweeney’s and The Southern Review.

Dickinson’s versatility was recently acknowledged when she became the first author to secure the prestigious Mary Sawyers Imboden Prize as part of the 2023 Baker Artist Awards. This award, carrying a $40,000 prize, is the highest cash amount bestowed on an artist in the Baltimore area. In 2017, she previously won the Baker’s Literary Arts Award, along with a $10,000 grant.

This year’s Baker Artist Award also honored five other regional artists, each receiving $10,000 grants: Abdu Ali (music), Oletha DeVane (interdisciplinary arts), Colette Krogol (performance), Margaret Rorison (film and video), and Jordan Tierney (visual arts).

Dickinson highlighted the unique nature of the Baker Artist Awards, emphasizing that the money comes without restrictions. Recipients have the freedom to allocate the funds as they see fit, whether it’s investing in creative work, funding projects, or supporting personal needs.

In an interview, Dickinson discussed her multifaceted writing career, reflecting her passion for storytelling and her unique ability to adapt to various narrative styles.

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