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Baltimore man plans to launch plumbing business after $50,000 scratch-off win

Baltimore, (Qnnflash) – A Baltimore resident got an unexpected surprise during his work break. The fortunate winner, who works as a contractor, recently uncovered the second $50,000 top prize in the Maryland Lottery’s Bonus Cash Doubler scratch-off game.

Preferring to be known as “Big J,” the 43-year-old winner is a regular player of Maryland Lottery games, frequently trying his luck with various scratch-offs and Keno tickets.

One day, while seeking refuge from the heat in the air-conditioned comfort of US Fuel at 6100 Moravia Park Drive (21206), “Big J” decided to make the most of his work break. He purchased refreshments along with some scratch-off tickets. While he initially assumed one of the games would result in a win, a scan of the prize check sections proved him wrong. Nevertheless, feeling a stroke of luck, he opted to buy the last two Bonus Cash Doubler scratch-offs on display. While the first ticket didn’t yield any winnings, the second ticket turned out to be a game-changer, rewarding him with the $50,000 top prize.

Upon revealing his prize, “Big J” experienced a mix of shock and disbelief, causing him to tremble. Recalling the moment he claimed his prize, he mentioned that he still feels overwhelmed and amazed by the experience.

“Winning big like this doesn’t happen every day,” he remarked.

When asked about his plans for the prize money, the fortunate winner shared that he has already arranged a weeklong beach vacation for his wife and family. He intends to ensure that they have a wonderful time without any concerns. Additionally, he has ambitions to establish a plumbing business and wisely invest a portion of his unexpected windfall.

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