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Baltimore’s problem with youth violence prompts Fells Point woman to launch campaign for Mayor

Baltimore, (Qnnflash) – Wendy Bozel, a Democrat from Fells Point, is looking to enter Baltimore politics as she announces her bid for the 2024 mayoral race. Currently serving as the President of the Upper Fells Point Improvement Association, a mother of three daughters, and an educator, Bozel believes her unique perspective as a home and hospital teacher for sick or injured students in Baltimore will bring a fresh approach to the city’s issues.

Having witnessed the challenges faced by the city, including safety concerns, vacant homes, food insecurity, and education struggles, Bozel is determined to make Baltimore safer and bridge the gap between different jurisdictions’ perceptions. She has been actively engaged with the community and understands the urgent need for action to address these problems.

While some suggested she start with a seat on the Baltimore City Council, Bozel decided to go straight for the mayoral position because she believes that addressing education issues requires leadership at the highest level. She sees the current moment as critical for the city and its students, and she wants to make a positive impact now rather than waiting for future opportunities.

To supplement her teacher’s salary, Bozel drives for Uber, which gives her the chance to interact with various people from around Baltimore and gain further insights into the city’s needs.

Bozel is preparing for an official campaign launch party at Annie’s Seafood on September 27th, as she embarks on her journey to become a significant contender in the upcoming mayoral election.

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