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Biden asserts that the United States and its allies had nothing to do with the Wagner Group’s revolt against Russia.

In his first public comments since the weekend uprising in Russia, President Joe Biden on Monday tried to separate the United States from the incident.

Biden, speaking from the White House, implied it was premature to predict how events would develop. On Sunday, he called Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to discuss a coordinated response, and he indicated that they might talk again.

In the East Room, he stated that it was still too early to draw any firm conclusions about the direction of the situation. No matter what happens, I will make sure that our allies and partners have a similar understanding of the situation and approach to how we are handling it.

The brief rebellion by the Wagner Group posed the greatest threat to Russian President Vladimir Putin in years, and Biden’s statement mirrored a carefully calculated American response.

Biden said nothing over the weekend about what was happening in Russia. Before he and National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan headed to Camp David on Saturday, he spoke with European friends over the phone.

On Monday, President Biden explained his strategy, which has been attacked as being too cautious by Republicans.

“We have to prevent Putin from having any room to place blame on the West or NATO. Our disinterest was made quite plain. We had zero involvement in that. What we saw was part of a fight within the Russian system,” Biden stated.

According to Biden, America’s European partners agreed with the policy. Over the weekend he spoke with the leaders of France, Germany, the UK, and Canada, and on Monday he was scheduled to talk with the prime minister of Italy.

Biden’s remarks are consistent with public and private assertions made by his administration in the days since the Wagner Group abandoned its positions in Ukraine and began moving seemingly in the direction of Moscow. According to reports, the administration moved swiftly to assure the Russian leadership that the United States would not intervene.

After Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov claimed Monday that Russian special forces are probing if Western intelligence services were involved in the insurrection, a spokeswoman for the National Security Council confirmed the United States was not participating.

Biden said it’s still not clear what’s occurring in Russia, despite the fact that Wagner Group commander Yevgeny Prigozhin had apparently made a deal with the Kremlin before his forces reached Moscow.

This weekend’s events have far-reaching consequences for Russia and Ukraine, and we will continue to evaluate those consequences, he said.

On Monday, Biden kept in touch with his national security team while they discussed the fallout from the mutiny.

After this weekend’s events in Russia, the White House refuses to offer any speculation on the future of the Wagner group.

When reporters asked John Kirby, who is in charge of strategic messaging for the National Security Council, what this meant for Wagner’s power and ability to fight inside Ukraine, he said, “It’s just too soon to tell.”

Kirby also used the forum to restate the administration’s unwavering backing for Ukraine’s defense against Russia’s invasion.

“While we speak, Ukrainian military are still battling for their country and retaking land that has been taken. …and they’re still inflicting casualties,” Kirby said. Therefore, this past weekend’s events in Russia have not altered these realities; they have not altered these facts for us, they have not altered these facts for Ukraine, and they will not alter our continued support.

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