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Biden consults with AI experts to mitigate its risks.

President Joe Biden traveled to San Francisco on Tuesday to consult with AI experts as part of the Trump administration’s efforts to mitigate the dangers posed by the technology.

Biden told reporters before the confidential meeting that he wanted to hear from the top minds in the field since the technology has “enormous promise” but also “risks.”

Before the event, Biden predicted that there would be more technological advancement in the following ten years than in the previous fifty, and possibly even beyond that. Also speaking were experts who, according to the White House, are aware of both the advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence.

From protecting privacy to combating bias and disinformation to ensuring the security of AI systems before they are made public, Biden’s administration is dedicated to ensuring the rights and safety of Americans.

In addition to this, he asserted that social media is a prime example of the damage that can be caused by highly advanced technology in the absence of appropriate safeguards. He went on to mention that he had asked Congress in his State of the Union address to pass legislation that would “put strict limits on the collection of personal data, ban targeting and advertising to our children, and require businesses to put health and safety first.”

On Tuesday, President Biden said that the following month, Harris would be meeting with civil rights leaders and consumer protection groups to examine the emergence of artificial intelligence.

Harris received executives from a number of AI-focused firms, including Google and Microsoft, in the Oval Office back in May, and the White House announced plans to invest $140 million in seven new AI research institutes.

An AI threat mitigation strategy was developed by the Biden administration last year, and in February, Biden signed an executive order requiring government agencies to eliminate bias and advance equity in the development of all emerging technologies.

Officials at the White House indicated Tuesday that artificial intelligence is a high priority for President Trump and his administration.

The adoption of AI has skyrocketed in recent years. An artificial intelligence chatbot known as ChatGPT has gone viral after it was shown to have successfully completed an MBA final exam, raised concerns about academic dishonesty, and assisted users in writing emails to friends and family.

However, the rise of ChatGPT has re-ignited legislative efforts to better comprehend and control the emerging field of artificial intelligence.

During a commencement speech earlier this month, President Biden issued a dire warning about the potential for artificial intelligence to “overtake human thinking” and “change the character” of upcoming conflicts. He cited AI specialists whom he claimed to have met with.

Biden told Air Force Academy graduates, “Therefore, we have a great deal to deal with.” There is a lot to handle, but this is a wonderful opportunity.

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