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Burger King follows McDonald’s lead and takes tomatoes off its menu in India.

The escalating prices of tomatoes in India have led to their exclusion from the menu of Burger King, making it the most recent fast food establishment to be affected by this issue.

In a recent announcement, McDonald’s (MCD) disclosed that a considerable number of its nationwide outlets will be temporarily excluding tomatoes from their burger offerings. The rationale for this decision is attributed to concerns regarding quality and limited availability of tomato supply.

The Indian shops of Burger King have expressed their inability to include tomatoes in their menu offerings.

Burger King provided reassurance to its customers through a frequently-asked-questions section on its official website, acknowledging the temporary unavailability of tomatoes. The company attributed this situation to the volatile nature of tomato crop quality and supply, which has led to unforeseen conditions.

The extent to which the removal of tomatoes would be implemented remained ambiguous, as it was unclear whether this policy would be enforced across all of the company’s locations or only a select few.

Burger King’s decision is a response to the inflation projection revision by India’s central bank, which has increased the projected inflation rate for the current financial year from 5.1% to 5.4%. This adjustment is attributed to the escalating prices of specific food items in India, a country with the highest population globally.

In its announcement, it expressed that the future trajectory of headline inflation in the short term will be influenced by a significant increase in vegetable prices, mostly driven by tomatoes.

According to a report by Reuters, Subway recently made an announcement stating that its Indian branches will implement an additional price of 30 rupees ($0.40) for the inclusion of a cheese slice in the majority of their sandwiches.

When it comes to tomatoes, it is inconceivable to imagine Indian cuisine without the omnipresent fruit. However, the highly regarded component is becoming increasingly unattainable for a significant number of individuals.

According to farmers and agriculture experts, the price of tomatoes in India has experienced a significant increase of over 400% in recent months. This surge may be attributed to crop failures resulting from intense heat waves and excessive rainfall. However, it is worth noting that prices have slightly stabilized during the month of August.

According to data from the Department of Consumer Affairs, the price of one kilogram (equivalent to 2.2 pounds) of tomatoes in New Delhi, the capital of India, experienced a significant increase from 27 rupees ($0.33) in January to 107 rupees ($1.29) this week.

According to Jocelyn Boiteau, a postdoctoral associate at the Tata-Cornell Institute for Agriculture and Nutrition, the elevated pricing can be attributed, at least in part, to the adverse weather conditions linked to climate change.

Boiteau asserts that the cultivation of tomatoes during the summer season in India is limited to a few number of regions in the southern part of the country. Consequently, any climate-related challenges encountered in these areas might significantly influence the nationwide availability of fresh tomatoes.

During the summer season, the nation has experienced an exceptional combination of excessive rainfall and intense heat waves, thereby emphasizing the heightened susceptibility of the world’s most populous country to the impacts of the climate catastrophe.

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