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China forbids government personnel from using iPhones, according to the Wall Street Journal.

(Qnnflash) – According to undisclosed sources acquainted with the situation, The Wall Street Journal has stated that the Chinese government has implemented a prohibition on the utilization of iPhones among central government personnel.

The stock price of Apple had a decline of 3.6% on Wednesday, resulting in a closing value of $182.91 on the New York market. This event was the most significant daily decline seen within a one-month period. Prior to Wednesday, Apple’s stock had experienced a notable increase of 46% inside the current fiscal year.

According to a report by The Wall Street Journal, managers have been communicating the prohibition to their staff members through various means like as chat groups or meetings.

According to a reliable source familiar with Chinese central government institutions, it has been seen that Chinese officials have consistently refrained from using iPhones even prior to the epidemic, despite the lack of an explicit written guideline on the matter. The anonymous source requested to remain unidentified owing to the delicate nature of the topic.

According to the source, there is a growing trend among central government officials to utilize cellphones manufactured by prominent local enterprises, with a particular emphasis on Huawei.

In June 2022, news emerged regarding the prohibition of Teslas from accessing certain Chinese government agencies due to concerns pertaining to security.

In March, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Apple, Tim Cook, conducted a prominent visit to the nation. China plays a pivotal role as both a prominent market and a major industrial hub for the corporation, contributing around 19% of its total sales.

The potential prohibition of iPhones for government officials might potentially be perceived as a retaliatory measure in response to comparable actions undertaken by the United States against Chinese technology. This development has the potential to exert a deterrent impact on Apple and other prominent multinational corporations that own a well-established market presence in China.

The companies Huawei and ZTE from China have been consistently subjected to limitations imposed by the United States. In November 2022, the Biden administration implemented a prohibition on the authorization of fresh telecommunications equipment from both firms due to their perceived “unacceptable risk” to the national security of the United States.

TikTok has faced prohibitions on its usage on devices provided by various US institutions, such as the House of Representatives, the City of New York, Montana, New Jersey, Ohio, Texas, and Georgia. These restrictions have been implemented due to apprehensions regarding potential access by the Chinese government to users’ data through its Chinese parent company, Bytedance.

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