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CIA chief says Putin may still get revenge against Prigozhin

CIA Chief Bill Consumes referred to Russian President Vladimir Putin as “a definitive missionary of recompense,” adding he wouldn’t believe in the event that Wagner organizer Yevgeny Prigozhin got away from additional retaliation after last month’s revolt.

As per Consumes, Putin is just “attempting to delay” to decide if and acceptable behavior against Prigozhin, to try not to be believed to go overboard.

On the off chance that I were Prigozhin, I wouldn’t fire my food tester,” Consumes added.
The CIA boss offered the remarks at the Aspen Security Gathering on Thursday.

During the gathering, Consumes said he accepts Prigozhin has as of late been in Minsk, Belarus.

CNN revealed recently on a video that seemed to show Prigozhin welcoming his warriors in Belarus, in what might be his most memorable public appearance since he drove a furnished defiance in Russia last month.

On the morning that Prigozhin sent off his revolt, he delivered a video straightforwardly censuring Putin’s reasoning for attacking Ukraine. Consumes described that video as “the most searing incrimination of Putin’s reasoning for battle, of the lead of battle, of the defilement at the center of Putin’s system that I’ve heard from a Russian or a non-Russian.”

Consumes likewise gave a report on a call put out on Wire in May by the CIA that encouraged Russians offended by the conflict in Ukraine and life in Russia to share their mysteries. He said the Message video got 2.5 million perspectives in the principal week.

“Truly, there’s a ton of irritation in Russia, in the first class and outside it in Russia the present moment, and we’re not squandering the open door as a knowledge administration to attempt to make the most of it,” said Consumes, considering it a “once in an age” a chance for knowledge gathering

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