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Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy welcome their third child, a baby girl

Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy’s family just got somewhat greater.

The “Country” entertainer and Dancy are presently a group of five subsequent to inviting a child young lady, a delegate for Danes affirmed to CNN on Tuesday.

They presently can’t seem to report a name for their freshest expansion, who joins older siblings Cyrus and Rowan, matured 10 and 4, individually.

In January, not long after insight about Danes’ pregnancy was first announced, the Emmy-winning entertainer showed up on the “This evening Show Featuring Jimmy Fallon” and said that this will be her third kid, “and I think the last.”

“This one was a shock. This pregnancy happened to me,” she kidded, later saying that she and Dancy are “excited.”

She likewise talked about how her children entertainingly responded to the news.

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