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Divorces granted in Washington, Benton counties

Divorce proceedings for various couples in Benton and Washington counties were officially granted and recorded between August 31 and September 6. These records reflect the legal dissolution of marital unions within the region during this period.

Benton County:

  1. Augumn Tracy vs. Jason Tracy (Case No. 22-1977)
  2. Michelle Freeman vs. Paul Freeman (Case No. 23-90)
  3. Lavana Pagidala vs. Manoj Idulapuram (Case No. 23-654)
  4. Daniel Crouthers vs. Kathryn Crouthers (Case No. 23-707)
  5. Marcelina Campos vs. Douglas Campos (Case No. 23-753)
  6. James Bond vs. Karen Bond (Case No. 23-892)
  7. Brenda Whiteside vs. Darrell Whiteside (Case No. 23-1007)
  8. Jamie Wallace vs. Jeremiah Wallace (Case No. 23-1069)
  9. Manuel Enriquez vs. Summer Enriquez (Case No. 23-1130)
  10. Cynthia Decker vs. William Piercy (Case No. 23-1148)
  11. Brittney Torres Beard vs. John Beard (Case No. 23-1162)
  12. Wayne Myrick vs. Kayla Myrick (Case No. 23-1173)

Washington County:

  1. Christy Norton vs. Lee Norton (Case No. 22-887)
  2. Lee McBride vs. David McBride (Case No. 22-1245)
  3. Gayla Napier vs. David Napier (Case No. 23-74)
  4. Carl Baker vs. Rhonda Baker (Case No. 23-329)
  5. Katelyn Herrin vs. James Herrin (Case No. 23-403)
  6. Melissa Lessard Watson vs. Kaleb Watson (Case No. 23-461)
  7. Christie Sanford vs. Wiley Sanford (Case No. 23-542)
  8. Austin Lee vs. Caroline Harper Lee (Case No. 23-558)
  9. Hunter Boger vs. Erika Lougee (Case No. 23-765)
  10. Heather Diebold vs. Michele Diebold (Case No. 23-834)
  11. John Griffin vs. Maria Griffin (Case No. 23-902)
  12. Geffrey Davis vs. Lissette Szwydky-Davis (Case No. 23-991)
  13. Douglas Duling vs. Roberta Duling (Case No. 23-1093)
  14. Jeramy Skaggs vs. Beatriz Rodriguez-Lupercio (Case No. 23-1102)
  15. Richard Marshall vs. Laurie Marshall (Case No. 23-1131)
  16. Lindsey Price vs. Rebekah Harrington (Case No. 23-1159)
  17. Samuel Steward vs. Patricia Steward (Case No. 23-1179)

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