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Due to a risk of impalement, a toy manufacturer recalls 7.5 million Baby Shark toys.

After receiving reports of children being hurt, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission issued the recall of 7.5 million Baby Shark bath toys.

According to a news statement from the commission on Thursday, 1 million full-size Robo Alive Junior Mini Baby Shark Swimming Bath Toys and 6.5 million full-size Robo Alive Junior Baby Shark Sing Swim Bath Toys are being recalled by California-based Zuru LLC, which imports the items made in China.

Twelve reports of children suffering “impalement injuries, lacerations, and puncture wounds” from the full-size Baby Shark bath product have been received, according to a news release from Zuru.

Children suffered damage to their “genital, anorectal, and facial areas” from the toys, as stated in the press statement.

The CPSC reported that nine of the youngsters injured needed stitches or other medical assistance.

According to the press statement, no injuries have been reported in connection with the Mini Baby Shark bath toys that have been recalled.

According to the press release, children risk falling or sitting on the shark’s hard plastic top fin when using the recalled bath toys, especially in bathtubs or wading pools.

The CPSC urged anyone who had bought one of the toys to immediately cease using it and get in touch with Zuru to arrange a complete refund.

According to the agency, the toys were sold at a number of different stores, including Target, Walgreens, Ross, and Walmart.

The dates of distribution for the recalled large toys are May 2019 through March 2023, and the dates of distribution for the recalled small toys are July 2020 through June 2023.

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