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Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg agree to hold cage fight

In a peculiar development, two of the world’s most impressive tech tycoons have consented to battle each other in an enclosure match. Elon Musk, the President of Tesla and Twitter, tested Imprint Zuckerberg, the Chief of Meta, to a battle on Twitter on June 21, 2023. Zuckerberg answered by saying, “Send me area.”

The battle has been met with a combination of energy and incredulity. Certain individuals are anxious to see the two tech titans duke it out, while others accept that it is an exposure stunt. There are likewise worries about the wellbeing of the two men, given the actual requests of an enclosure battle.

Musk and Zuckerberg have been in conflict for quite a while. Musk has scrutinized Zuckerberg’s treatment of Facebook, and Zuckerberg has referred to Musk’s perspectives on man-made brainpower as “flighty.” The enclosure battle should have been visible as a way for the two men to settle their disparities for the last time.

It is indistinct when or where the battle will occur. In any case, being a significant media event is certain. The battle could create a large number of dollars in income, and it could likewise assist with supporting the prevalence of both Twitter and Meta.

What is your take of Elon Musk and Imprint Zuckerberg’s enclosure battle? Is it safe to say that you are eager to witness it?

Here are a few extra insights concerning the battle:

The battle will happen in the Octagon, the very setting that is utilized for Extreme Battling Title (UFC) occasions.

The battle will be endorsed by the UFC, and it will be refereed by an expert MMA warrior.

The battle will be for three rounds of five minutes each.

The champ of the battle will be the primary individual to take out or present their adversary.

The battle is still in the arranging stages, yet occurring soon is normal. It makes certain to be a significant media occasion, and it could fundamentally affect the fate of both Twitter and Meta.

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