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Even Zoom requires its employees to return to the office.

The company Zoom, which helped fuel the telecommuting revolution during the pandemic, has ordered its workers to return to the workplace.

Zoom has issued a statement saying it is now requiring a “structured hybrid approach,” which means employees who live near an office “need to be onsite two days a week” since doing so is “most efficient” for the service of video conferencing.

The company is now in a stronger position to implement its own technologies, maintain a culture of innovation, and serve its global clientele. To keep our distributed teams and employees connected and productive, we will continue to use the full capabilities of the Zoom platform, the company has stated.

Zoom, irony aside, is participating in the widespread trend of tech companies returning to physical offices. In recent months, tech giants like Google, Amazon, and Salesforce have all implemented policies that are almost identical to those of Covid-era companies. However, corporations have encountered resistance from workers who have become accustomed to more freedom in their schedules.

The White House has also taken steps to limit telecommuting. An internal email leaked last week revealed that the administration has requested that Cabinet agencies encourage federal employees to return to the office more frequently in the coming months.

With a pivotal election on the horizon, White House chief of staff Jeff Zients’ instruction is the clearest sign yet that the administration views in-office attendance as crucial for agencies to carry out its program.

Zoom (ZM) has had its own problems as demand declines after a boom caused by a pandemic. Zoom (ZM) laid off over 1,300 workers, or 15% of the workforce, in February due to rapid expansion. In addition to taking a 20% pay cut for the upcoming fiscal year, the executive leadership team has agreed to forego their incentives for FY2023.

The videoconferencing service became more emblematic of the early days of the epidemic than any other service since so many people used it to keep in touch with loved ones and coworkers during lockdowns. By the middle of the year 2020, Zoom had seen a meteoric rise in income thanks to an influx of corporate clients among the many businesses that had been compelled to adopt remote work.

The stock price has increased by around 4% so far this year.

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