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Following Twitter’s rebranding, a flashing ‘X’ was affixed atop the San Francisco headquarters. A city complaint alleges that the sign was erected without a permit.

The mayor of San Francisco has filed a protest against the new flashing “X” sign on top of the skyscraper at the headquarters of the corporation formerly known as Twitter.

According to the formal complaint, the social media platform’s headquarters building received a notice of violation (NOV) for doing unauthorized work on the newly installed sign.

Twitter’s owner, Elon Musk, reportedly renamed the service and its bird logo “X” last week. On Saturday, he posted a video of the new “X” emblem flashing on the building’s facade with the caption, “Our HQ in San Francisco tonight.”

Notification of Violation (NOV) Issued for Unauthorized Construction. MH went to the location and talked to some Tweeter (sic) people and some Building maintenance engineer people. In order to investigate the complaint, I explained the BID procedure and asked to use the roof. A Tweeter (sic) rep declined to grant access but did say the building was just a temporary event sign. According to the complaint, “I explained to all representatives that the NOV requires the structure to be removed with a building permit or legalize.”

On Saturday, the complainant tried again to gain access to the roof but was unsuccessful.

According to the Washington Post, local Department of Building Inspection spokesman Patrick Hannan said in order to keep the building’s original character while also making sure the additional additions are securely fastened to the sign, according to the article, getting a sign permission from the city is necessary before adding any new text or graphics to an existing sign.

The city’s website states that permit and investigation fees may be required in addition to a notice of violation fine. Possible costs for X are still unknown.

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