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Following Twitter’s rebranding, the letter ‘X’ was removed from its perch atop the company’s headquarters.

A spokesman for the San Francisco Department of Building Inspection, Patrick Hannan, said that on Monday morning, officials from the department saw the new “X” on top of the building, which had previously functioned as Twitter’s headquarters, being disassembled.

The business received a notice of violation (NOV) on Friday for performing work without a permission on the new illuminating sign that has been installed on the exterior of the building.

Concerns about the building’s safety and lighting were among the 24 calls made to the city’s Department of Building Inspection and City Planning over the weekend. This morning, construction watchdogs caught demolition in progress. While Hannan acknowledged that demolition of the facility necessitated a construction permit, she clarified that such a permit might be obtained after its destruction in the interest of safety.

“The owner of the land will be charged fines since the lit structure was put up without the required permits. Building permits for erecting and dismantling the structure, as well as the costs associated with an inquiry by the Department of Building Inspection and the Planning Department, will be covered by these payments,” he explained.

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