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Four million paying subscribers join Snapchat+ in its first year.

Snap said Thursday that more than 4 million people have paid for its Snapchat+ membership service.

The news comes on the one-year anniversary of Snap’s start of the service on Snapchat, its most popular app. It shows that the company is already having some success getting users to pay for access to premium features. Each month, the service costs $3.99.

At its Investor Day event earlier this year, Snap boasted of reaching 750 million monthly active users, but the number of paying members reported on Thursday still represented a small fraction of that.

A blog post from Snap on Thursday said that Snapchat+ gives users access to “exclusive, experimental, and pre-release features.” As of Thursday, users can use more than 20 features, such as custom app themes, unique app icons, and the ability to pin your #1 BFF, the company said.

A number of other social media sites are also trying to find new ways to get people to pay for services, which is why this news came out.

Under Elon Musk’s new ownership, Twitter introduced a $8-per-month subscription service that gave users the once-coveted blue check mark and other benefits, such as seeing fewer ads and having their tweets show up first in answers, mentions, and searches. As of late April, there were about 550,000 paying users of the service, which was called Twitter Blue. Meta, the company that owns Facebook and Instagram, also started offering a paid service for users this year called Meta Verified. It costs $11.99 per month.

After taking a beating last year, Snap’s stock is up about 30% this year. Still, the stock is about 86% lower than when it reached its all-time high in late 2021.

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