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France mandates that Apple remove the iPhone 12 from sale due to excessive radiation levels.

(Qnnflash) — Apple is engaged in a dispute with France over the assertion that the iPhone 12 exceeds the radiation exposure limits set by European regulations. This disagreement arose when French regulatory authorities issued an order to halt sales and rectify phones that had already been delivered to customers.

The National Frequency Agency of France has issued a request for Apple to remove the iPhone 12 from the French market, effective September 12, 2023. This action is being taken due to findings that indicate the particular absorption rate of the device is beyond the established limitations. According to the agency, the iPhone 12 does not adhere to the regulatory standards set forth by the European Union.

ANFR emphasized the urgent need for Apple to promptly implement appropriate safeguards aimed at preventing the iPhone 12, currently in the supply chain, from being introduced into the market.

In contradiction to the assertions made by the agency, Apple has asserted that it has already provided the government with several laboratory findings conducted by both the firm itself and external third parties. These findings have demonstrated the device’s adherence to the applicable Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) rules and global standards.

The company expressed its intention to challenge the AFNR’s review findings and affirmed its commitment to collaborate with the agency in order to substantiate the phone’s adherence to regulatory standards.

According to the ANFR, the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) is a metric that quantifies the rate at which the human body absorbs energy from a given source. However, experts and authorities agree that there is no reason to be concerned.

According to the World Health Organization, extensive research conducted thus far has failed to establish any causal relationship between exposure to wireless devices and detrimental health effects. It is expected that there will be no adverse effects on public health as long as the total exposure remains within the limits set by international recommendations.

The decision made by the French National Frequency Agency (ANFR) mandates that Apple must promptly implement the required remedial actions to ensure compliance with the currently in-use iPhone 12s. Failure to do so would result in Apple being obligated to recall the affected devices.

The move was implemented on Tuesday, with the regulatory body stating that it would guarantee the discontinuation of the product’s availability across all distribution channels in France starting that day.

The Minister for the Digital Economy of France, Jean-Noel Barrot, has officially said on Twitter that the sales of the iPhone 12 in France have been suspended until Apple provides a comprehensive fix for all devices that have been impacted.

According to a tweet by Barrot, the French National Frequency Agency (@anfr) noticed that the iPhone 12 produced electromagnetic waves that were just slightly above the legal limit. This information has been translated from French. The current amount is well below the threshold at which a potential health concern may arise, exceeding it by more than tenfold.

The declaration was made during Apple’s annual keynote speech in California on Tuesday, where the company introduced the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro, the latest versions of its renowned product line.

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