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Google implements plan to terminate inactive accounts

Inactive Google accounts that haven’t been used in over two years will be deleted.

Even though the actual deletion of accounts won’t begin until December 1st, Google (GOOG) has already begun notifying account holders. The company will provide consumers eight months to retrieve their data after sending numerous warning letters to their Google (GOOG) accounts (and backup emails, if they provided one).

In May, the company announced a new policy, citing the need to protect against security threats such as phishing, hacking, and spam as the driving force behind the change. According to internal research, accounts that are several years old are more likely to reuse passwords and less likely to use modern security measures such as two-step verification.

According to a Google announcement made in May, inactive accounts would be deleted first.

Even if you stop using our services, we still want to protect your private information and stop any unauthorised access to your account, Google stated in a policy update released on Monday.

The company announced the new policy on Monday, with a few notable caveats: accounts with YouTube channels, unused gift card balances, digital item purchases (like ebooks or movies), and published apps in active app stores (like Google Play) are exempt.

The move to permanently deactivate accounts goes beyond previous guidelines. Google has promised that in 2020, inactive accounts will not be terminated and their data will be removed from any services they previously used.

Simply signing into your Google account at least once every two years and doing something, like reading an email, watching a video, or performing a search, will keep your account active and active.

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