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Google is developing an AI-based journalistic instrument

Google has announced that it is working on an AI tool that can generate article text and headlines for news publishers, underscoring the potential of this technology to revolutionize the news business in the near future.

The internet giant has issued a statement saying it wants to collaborate with media organizations to implement the AI technology in newsrooms.

A Google spokesman explained that the company’s mission is to “give people the choice to use assistive tools in Gmail and Google Docs,” and that this includes making new technologies like artificial intelligence and blockchain available to journalists so that they may use them in a way that improves their work and productivity.

The initiative, dubbed “Genesis” internally, reportedly has been proposed to The New York Times, The Washington Post, and News Corp (the parent company of The Wall Street Journal), and was originally reported by The New York Times.

Google did not name any specific media outlets, but stated in a statement that it plans to prioritize “smaller publishers.” There was also a clarification that the effort is not meant to supplant journalists or their “essential role… in reporting, creating, and fact-checking their articles.”

With the promise of simplifying chores and increasing productivity, tech giants like Google are racing to build and implement a new crop of generative AI capabilities into applications used in the office.

Online-trained tools, however, have been met with skepticism due to the possibility that they can misinterpret data or “hallucinate” responses.

Earlier this year, CNET tried out an AI tool to help create stories, and the results were so disastrous that “substantial” edits were issued. Even a “Star Wars” article that was authored by AI and published by Gizmodo earlier this month had to be updated. Both organizations, though, insist that they will proceed with implementing the technology anyhow.

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