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Google is laying off a large number of recruiters.

(Qnnflash) — Google has officially announced its intention to terminate the employment of a significant number of staff members who were previously engaged in the recruitment and hiring of personnel. This decision aligns with the ongoing cost reduction initiatives observed in Silicon Valley.

The most recent reductions occurred subsequent to Google’s parent company, Alphabet, eliminating 12,000 positions in January. This accounted for around 6% of the company’s total staff. The decision was made in response to economic instability that adversely affected the company’s financial performance, particularly in its primary advertising sector.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai remarked on the company’s earnings call in July that the company will maintain its trend of slowing “expense growth and pace of hiring.”

In a statement on Wednesday, Google spokeswoman Courtenay Mencini said that the company is actively investing in highly qualified engineering and technical professionals while simultaneously slowing the rate at which they are hiring. Mencini further mentioned that this decrease in hiring has resulted in a noticeable decrease in workload for recruiters. In order to optimize operational efficiency, a difficult choice has been made to downsize the recruiting team.

According to Google, the reduction in workforce will impact a limited number of individuals inside the company’s recruitment operation on a global scale. However, the majority of the team will be retained and will continue to focus on recruiting highly skilled engineering professionals for crucial positions. The corporation did not explicitly disclose the precise number of job cuts within the department.

According to Google, the reduction in recruiting efforts is not associated with any broader workforce reductions. The company has assured that impacted employees will receive assistance in the form of severance packages and additional benefits.

Several Google recruiters, including those in charge of hiring people for the company’s cloud, user experience, software engineering, and other teams, posted on LinkedIn to express how the recent layoffs had affected them.

One affected Google recruiters expressed empathy for all those who were affected, including themselves, and expressed optimism for a brighter future despite the current emotional state.

Alphabet experienced a substantial increase in its employment, surpassing 50,000 employees, commencing in 2021. Increased demand for its services during the epidemic was the main factor driving this expansion, which led to higher profits. However, in the previous year, the company experienced a deceleration in its primary digital advertising operations due to concerns of an impending economic downturn or recession, leading advertisers to reduce their expenditures.

In the current fiscal year, the organization has placed significant emphasis on implementing cost reduction strategies in order to achieve business stabilization. In the quarter ending in June, Google reported a year-over-year profit growth of approximately 15%. This positive trend can be attributed to the ongoing recovery of the company’s Search and YouTube advertising divisions.

According to a filing submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission, Alphabet will have a total of 190,234 employees by the end of the year 2022. According to the most recent filing, the headcount of the organization had decreased to 181,798 by the end of June.

Several other technology companies, such as Meta, Microsoft, and T-Mobile, have also implemented significant workforce reductions this year in an effort to reduce expenses in light of economic difficulties.

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