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Google is utilising AI to alter the way you purchase.

Google has been working on a way to let people visualise how clothes would fit them virtually before making an online purchase.

On Wednesday, the business unveiled a new virtual try-on function that employs generative AI, the same technology powering an array of chatbots and image-making applications.

According to the manufacturer, this function allows customers to visualise how a product would look on a variety of models in different stances, including how it might drape, fold, cling, stretch, or create wrinkles and shadows.

Google is also releasing a new service that uses an AI-powered visual matching technology to help customers find similar clothing items from retailers around the web.

After the widespread popularity of ChatGPT, Google has made these changes as part of a larger effort to protect its search engine from a slew of new AI-powered apps. Google spent over 90 minutes teasing a large number of AI advancements at last month’s Google I/O developer conference. These announcements included enhancing Google Search with new AI features and increasing availability of the company’s existing chatbot Bard.

According to Google, the virtual try-on feature was created utilising paired photographs of more than 80 models in a wide range of poses and sizes (XS to XL) and with a wide range of skin tones, body types, and cultural origins. The AI-driven programme then learned to generate accurate photos of the person from various angles by matching the shape of particular shirts in those postures.

Initially, the functionality will be available only on women’s clothing from Anthropologie, Loft, H&M, and Everlane. Google has stated that it plans to start selling men’s shirts sometime soon. Google has also stated that the accuracy of the tool will improve with time.

The search giant isn’t the only online retailer incorporating generative AI features for customers. Companies like Shopify and Instacart are implementing this technology to better educate their customers. To save customers time reading through reviews before making a purchase, Amazon is experimenting with using AI to summarise user feedback on products sold on the site. In addition, eBay just released a bot that can write descriptions for your listings.

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