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Google settled the tracking location lawsuit for $93 million.

(Qnnflash) — Google has agreed to a $93 million settlement with the state, according to a statement from the California attorney general. This deal aims to address the claims made against Google about the unauthorized collection of consumers’ data without their consent.

The results of a thorough investigation by the California Department of Justice revealed that the aforementioned technology giant engaged in dishonest practices by gathering, retaining, and using the location data of its users for consumer profiling and targeted advertising, all without obtaining informed consent.

According to California Attorney General Rob Bonta, Google has expressed its willingness to undertake future measures aimed at preventing such activities. According to the proposed order, these acts would have applicability beyond the state of California, extending to other states.

According to a representative from Google, the resolution of this issue is in line with the ongoing enhancements that have been implemented in recent years. The topic at hand pertains to product policies that were modified a considerable time ago, rendering them outdated.

The company referred to a blog post from 2022 that included various transparency capabilities, including auto-delete controls and an incognito mode on Google Maps.

According to the state, Google’s location-based advertising holds significant importance within its business operations as it enables enterprises to tailor their content according to the geographical demographics of their target audience. Additionally, the state has stated that Google includes location as a component in its “behavioral profile” of users.

Bonta made claims that Google had been deceptive regarding its practices for collecting and storing location data. The initial complaint said that Google persisted in the collection and retention of location data despite users disabling the “location history” feature, although through varying methods.

As a component of the settlement, Google would be required to enhance its level of transparency regarding its location monitoring practices and explicitly warn users that their location data may be utilized for the purpose of targeted advertising. According to the state’s attorney general, the proposed order is contingent on receiving approval from the court.

In January, the Biden administration filed a lawsuit contending that the ad tech arm of Google should be subjected to divestiture.

Currently, there is ongoing criticism of Google’s actions by various lawmakers. The commencement of a significant antitrust trial targeting Google occurred at the beginning of the week. The trial involves extensive allegations made by the US Department of Justice (DOJ) asserting that Google has deliberately impeded competition against its dominant search engine over an extended period. The DOJ accuses the tech conglomerate of allocating substantial financial resources to sustain an unlawful monopoly, resulting in detrimental effects on all users of computers and mobile devices within the United States.

According to attorney John Schmidtlein, Google’s opening statement in the lawsuit highlights Apple’s choice to designate Google as the default search engine in its Safari browser, which serves as evidence of users’ preference for Google’s search engine as the superior product.

Google recently reached a tentative agreement with several states in the United States to resolve an antitrust complaint pertaining to its purported actions within the Google Play Store. The legal action contended that the corporation engaged in price inflation of paid applications and in-app purchases within the Android application market.

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