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Green Energy Partners partners with nuclear power provider IP3 for Virginia project

Virginia, (Qnnflash) – In a groundbreaking partnership, IP3 and Green Energy Partners have joined forces to spearhead the development of the Surry Green Energy Center (SGEC) in Surry County, Virginia. This collaboration signals a significant step towards leveraging sustainable energy solutions and bolstering the state’s energy independence.

The inception of the SGEC was announced in April 2023, when Green Energy Partners acquired 641 acres of land adjacent to Dominion Energy’s Surry Nuclear Power Plant. This prime location will house the ambitious project, which aims to establish a cluster of green data centers alongside a fleet of small modular reactors dedicated to generating hydrogen fuel for grid backup.

Between 20 and 30 green data centers are in the pipeline, alongside four to six compact modular reactors. This multi-faceted approach showcases the commitment of both IP3 and Green Energy Partners to not only deliver a resilient energy supply but also foster job creation and economic growth in the region.

The anticipated impact of the SGEC is far-reaching. By ensuring a reliable energy supply, the project aims to bolster government agencies and military bases spanning from Washington DC to Norfolk, Virginia. This development aligns seamlessly with the forward-looking energy strategy of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

IP3, with its expertise in nuclear power, will lead the charge in project development, financial structuring, and funding solutions. This partnership capitalizes on the complementary strengths of both companies, enabling them to access private capital markets and transform Virginia’s energy landscape into a model of energy sovereignty for the nation.

Michael Hewitt, co-founder and CEO of IP3, emphasized, “The Commonwealth of Virginia’s commitment to a smart energy transition presents a remarkable opportunity. Together with Green Energy Partners, we are poised to showcase how infrastructure investment can drive clean energy growth, create employment opportunities, and set the stage for sustainable industrial zones.”

Mardedk Andrews, CEO of Green Energy Partners, highlighted the importance of this collaboration for achieving low-carbon energy security. “By combining the strengths of GEP and IP3, we are pioneering a solution that aligns with America’s energy needs while reinforcing our national security goals.”

It’s worth noting that while both companies are venturing into new territory with data center projects, their combined expertise positions them to navigate these challenges successfully. Green Energy Partners, known for its solar-powered facilities, is set to expand its horizons, while IP3’s extensive experience in the nuclear sector lays a solid foundation for this ambitious undertaking.

Virginia, home to the world’s largest data center market, processes a staggering 70 percent of global internet data. The state’s significance in this realm, concentrated in areas such as Loudoun, Ashburn, Fairfax, and Prince William counties, cannot be understated. Data centers’ energy consumption accounts for around 25 percent of Virginia’s total energy usage, further emphasizing the need for innovative, sustainable solutions such as the SGEC.

The IP3 and Green Energy Partners collaboration stands as a testament to the transformative potential of public-private partnerships in shaping a cleaner, more secure energy future. As the SGEC takes shape, its impact promises to resonate beyond Virginia, serving as a beacon of clean energy progress for the entire nation.

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