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Heavy precipitation causes a fatal flash flood and mudslide in northwest China.

According to local authorities, a flash flood and landslide occurred in the suburbs of Xi’an city in northwestern China, resulting in the unfortunate loss of at least 21 lives. Additionally, six individuals remain unaccounted for in the aftermath of this natural disaster, which was triggered by heavy rainfall.

According to the Xi’an City Emergency Management Bureau, the occurrence of a natural catastrophe in a community situated on a mountaintop resulted in many consequences. These included power outages impacting 900 homes, as well as the destruction of roads, bridges, and communication infrastructure.

In recent weeks, several regions of China have seen unprecedentedly high temperatures and devastating floods. Experts have established a correlation between these extreme weather events and the phenomenon of climate change, which is observed globally.

According to authorities, a total of approximately 1,000 rescue personnel were mobilized to the village of Weiziping in Xi’an in response to a landslide and subsequent flash flood. As of Sunday evening, 186 individuals have been successfully evacuated, and relief operations are currently underway. Additionally, two residences were demolished.

According to a statement provided by a restaurant proprietor in the hamlet to a state-operated media site known as Cover News, a significant volume of mud and debris descended from the elevated terrain during the late afternoon on Friday, resulting in the complete destruction of two structures.

According to his statement, both residential structures had been destroyed and the individuals residing within them were unaccounted for.

According to the state-run news agency Xinhua, the village is situated in a picturesque river valley within the Qinling mountains. It is reported that several family-operated eateries in the area cater to tourists by providing farm-style meals.

According to a report by Cover News, the two demolished residences were utilized as establishments for dining purposes.

During the summer season, Xi’an experiences high temperatures, prompting individuals to seek respite from the heat by venturing into the nearby mountains. According to a statement provided by another resident to Cover News, the primary source of revenue in our hamlet is derived from operating farm eateries during the summer season.

The occurrence of the calamity follows closely after significant flooding in the northeastern region of China, caused by unprecedented rainfall resulting from typhoons in the area during the latter part of the previous month.

According to local authorities, the province of Hebei experienced a loss of life of at least 29 individuals due to flooding, while the capital city of Beijing reported 33 fatalities.

An additional 14 fatalities have been documented in the urban area of Shulan, located in Jilin province. This occurrence coincided with the northward progression of rainfall, resulting in the submersion of agricultural fields within China’s prominent grain-producing region.

According to official media, a significant number exceeding 1.5 million individuals were compelled to abandon their residences in Hebei. This includes those who were had to vacate designated “flood storage areas” that became submerged due to the deliberate discharge of accumulated water by flood control authorities.

According to provincial authorities, the recent flooding resulted in the destruction or significant damage to around 200,000 residential properties. The estimated cost of the overall damage caused by this calamity is projected to exceed $13 billion.

The authorities have expressed their intention to facilitate the repatriation of the displaced individuals to their respective residences within the coming month.

In Hunan province, on Sunday, a tragic incident occurred in which three individuals lost their lives and two others sustained injuries due to the collapse of a residential structure in Leyu village, located in Hengnan county. The collapse was caused by powerful winds. According to China National Radio, a group of seven individuals sought refuge from inclement weather within a residential structure, which unfortunately succumbed to collapse.

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