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Hisham Tawfiq Reveals How He Really Feels About Red and Dembe’s Relationship

While Dembe recuperated in the clinic, fans were wonderment blasted as the normally quiet man conveyed one of the most heartwrenching discourses in the entirety of The Boycott. He thought about his many experiences with Red and the amount he appreciated his boldness toward death, in spite of being encircled by it continually. He then, at that point, made sense of the center example of his experience with Red was figuring out how to “rage against” death, by partaking in life’s most straightforward delights.

“You’d never envision this is the means by which it would end,” Dembe told Harold Cooper (Harry Lennix) in the tragic scene. “Be that as it may, our experience with him, our time together, there wasn’t any need to focus on how it finished. It was about the experience. About existence. About Raymond continually reminding us, showing us, beseeching us to seethe.”

NBC Insider talked with Tawfiq half a month prior about the heritage The Boycott abandons in the midst of the close to home crescendo that was the unstable series finale. Peruse on to hear from Tawfiq about saying goodbye to such a notorious person.

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