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In Rome, the public can now visit the square where Julius Caesar was assassinated.

When Rome opens a new path on an old site on Tuesday, history buffs will be able to walk close to where legend says Julius Caesar was killed in a bloody battle.

According to stories that William Shakespeare made up, a group of angry senators stabbed the Roman ruler to death on the Ides of March (March 15) in 44 BC.

Tradition says that he died in the central square of the city, Largo Argentina, where the remains of four temples can still be seen.

All of them are now below street level, and until recently, the only way to see them was from behind a fence near a busy intersection of roads.

Starting Tuesday, people will be able to walk through the site on the ground-level path and get a closer look at the buildings.

The Italian fashion house Bulgari paid for the work at a spot that was first found and dug up in the 1920s while building in Rome.

Near the spot where Caesar is said to have said “Et tu, Brute?” when he saw his friend Brutus among the people who killed him, there is now a place where stray cats can go to get care.

It costs 5 euros ($5.50) for people who don’t live there to come.

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