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iPhone 15 might feature quicker charging

It is quite probable that Apple’s forthcoming product announcement in the upcoming month will feature a new iteration of the iPhone, with speculation suggesting the inclusion of enhanced charging capabilities.

Based on information provided by 9to5Mac, a reputable technology blog known for its reliable insights into Apple-related speculations, it has been reported that the forthcoming iteration of the iPhone is anticipated to transition from Apple’s proprietary Lightning charging connector to the widely adopted USB-C standard. Furthermore, it is expected that certain variants of the upcoming iPhone models would provide enhanced charging capabilities, enabling faster charging speeds.

It is possible that the iPhone 15 may exhibit compatibility with a 35-watt charger, hence enabling expedited charging capabilities for the gadget. According to Apple’s guidelines, it is advised that users of the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max refrain from utilizing wired chargers that exceed a power output of 27 watts. Similarly, users of the iPhone 14 are encouraged to restrict their charging devices to a maximum power output of 20 watts. According to empirical evidence, it has been observed that a charger with a power output of 20 watts is capable of completely charging an iPhone 14 within a time frame of one hour. The charging efficiency of the 35-watt charger in conjunction with the iPhone 15 series is not definitively established.

It is imperative to avoid connecting iPhones with chargers that above the specified wattage, as the surplus power has the potential to induce overheating in the phone and inflict harm upon the battery.

The iPhone 15’s charging time will be far longer even with the higher power of a 35-watt charger than that of rival flagship devices like Samsung’s Galaxy S23 Series, which can handle “superfast charging” with dedicated 45-watt chargers.

Despite Apple’s relative lag in the charging domain, its products continue to exhibit commendable battery longevity. In March, a battery test was conducted by 9to5Mac comparing the battery performance of the S23 Ultra and the iPhone 14 Pro Max, with the latter emerging as the superior device. Although the S23 Ultra possesses a greater battery capacity, it exhibited a total operational time of 27 hours and 6 minutes, but its Apple equivalent managed to sustain functionality for an additional 38 minutes before ceasing to operate.

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