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iPhone users will soon be required to accommodate this minor but significant modification.

Next month, you’ll want to have your thumb ready. Apple (AAPL) is updating the iPhone’s software in a way that may throw off users’ muscle memory. The huge red “end call” button has been moved.

With the release of iOS 17, the iPhone’s phone app will undergo a number of changes, including a redesign that moves the “hang up” button to the app’s new home in the bottom right corner of the screen. The button is currently located in a distinct section of the phone app, in the middle of the bottom row, below the options to mute the device, open the keypad, and add a new call.

Some iOS users reacted strongly on social media to the new call screen, which is now available for download in beta form for developers: One user noticed that in iOS 17, the “end call” button had been replaced by the “FaceTime” button. Ignore muscle memory at your peril.

The update should centralize the app’s features and simplify its overall design. When asked for comment, Apple remained silent.

The company unveiled a plethora of new capabilities that will be included in iOS 17 in May at its annual Worldwide Developer Conference, making calling and messaging people more individualized and personalised. For instance, iPhone users will be able to create contact “posters,” a personalized image that will appear whenever the user makes or receives a call to or from a specific contact.

NameDrop will allow users to exchange contact information by simply holding two iPhones near together, and the new Live Voicemail function will transcribe a caller’s message in real time so users can select whether to ignore or take the call. FaceTime also has a video message feature for case your chat partner is unavailable.

Improvements to Siri’s responsiveness, dictation in iMessage, and autocorrect accuracy are among the other new features in iOS 17. Apple’s next mobile OS is usually released in September, right after the annual iPhone event.

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