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Jake Paul outpoints Nate Diaz then calls for rematch in MMA

(Qnnflash) – The YouTuber-turned-boxer emerged victorious against Nate Diaz through a unanimous decision (97-92, 98-91, 98-91) in front of a sold-out crowd at the American Airlines Center. Despite an early setback, where Paul managed to hurt Diaz in the first round and appeared on the brink of an early victory, Diaz’s resilience made the fight a competitive one.

Reflecting on the match in his post-fight interview, Paul acknowledged Diaz’s toughness but emphasized that in the sport of boxing, sheer toughness is not always enough. While he knocked Diaz down and maintained control over almost every round, Diaz’s unwavering determination to keep going impressed Paul. Paul also extended a challenge to Diaz for an MMA fight, which Diaz seemed open to. Paul and PFL have proposed a $10 million offer for the MMA fight, although Diaz’s camp has indicated that the price might need to be negotiated further.

Diaz shared his thoughts on the match as well, expressing his desire for a rematch in the boxing ring to claim victory. However, if a rematch in boxing is not on the table, he’s open to stepping into the MMA arena for a chance at redemption. Diaz also playfully mentioned an attempt at a guillotine choke in the final round, showcasing his determination to fight until the end.

Throughout the match, Paul held the advantage in terms of total punches landed, outstriking Diaz 174-143. Diaz’s strengths were evident in close-quarters combat, while Paul capitalized on his left hook to keep Diaz at bay, even hurting him on multiple occasions.

Paul explained that his strategic use of the left hook worked well against Diaz, who appeared more focused on defending against straight punches. By exploiting the opening, Paul was able to land shots around Diaz’s guard, targeting the body with the right hook.

The match showcased Paul’s growth as a boxer, especially considering his relatively short three-year boxing career, and underscored his intention to challenge himself by venturing into different combat sports arenas.

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