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Jermaine Head Jr. Returns from Overseas to Train at Edgewood Rec Center

After a successful first season playing for BC Iverioni Gori in Georgia, Jermaine Head Jr., a Joppatowne graduate, has returned to the Edgewood Recreation Center for intensive training sessions with coach Perry Woodland. This iconic gym has been a constant in Head’s basketball journey, starting from his early days in Harford County. Now back in town, Head is determined to take his game to the next level, building on the skills that led him to be named the Player of the Year in the Gori Super League

A Dedicated Journey:
From humble beginnings, Head began playing organized basketball at the age of six, showcasing a deep passion for the game. He joined Harford County Dream Team, Perry Woodland’s AAU program, and later played for his father at Joppatowne High School. Despite being undersized, Head’s dedication and hard work earned him recognition, and his growth spurt in high school solidified his path to college basketball.

College Success and Professional Debut:
After an impressive college career at Wilmington University, where he set records and earned accolades, Head made the jump to the professional ranks. He signed with BC Iverioni Gori in Georgia’s third tier, overcoming language barriers and cultural differences. Despite the initial challenges, Head’s outstanding performances, averaging 21.2 points, 7.4 assists, and 3.1 steals per game, earned him the league’s Player of the Year title.

Pushing for Greater Heights:
Although satisfied with his achievements, Head is determined to reach even greater heights in his basketball career. His relentless work ethic and drive push him to strive for excellence and embrace new challenges. Back at the Edgewood Rec Center, Head continues to hone his skills under Woodland’s guidance, confident that there’s more to achieve on his remarkable basketball journey.

Jermaine Head Jr.’s return to the Edgewood Rec Center marks another chapter in his basketball odyssey. From humble beginnings in Harford County to professional success overseas, Head’s dedication and passion for the game have propelled him to great achievements. As he continues to train and push for higher levels of excellence, the future looks promising for this Joppatowne graduate and talented basketball player.

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