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Jesse Jackson Sr. Retires as Head of Rainbow PUSH Coalition: Frederick Douglass Haynes III Steps In as New President and CEO

Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr., the renowned civil rights activist, has announced his retirement as the leader of the Chicago-based Rainbow PUSH Coalition (RPC). During the annual Rainbow PUSH Coalition convention on July 16, Frederick Douglass Haynes III was introduced as the new President and CEO of the organization. This transition marks a significant milestone in the history of RPC, which Jackson founded in 1971 by merging Operation Push and the National Rainbow Coalition.

Rev. Jackson’s Impact on Civil Rights:
Rainbow PUSH released a statement acknowledging Rev. Jackson’s monumental impact on the fight for civil rights, both domestically and globally. He is hailed as one of the most productive, prophetic, and influential figures in American history by Rev. Al Sharpton, the president and founder of the National Action Network (NAN) and a mentee of Rev. Jackson.

Dr. Frederick Douglass Haynes III: new President and CEO of
Rainbow PUSH Coalition.
(Photo: Friendship-West Baptist Church)

Legacy and Successor:
Frederick Douglass Haynes III, known for his advocacy for marginalized communities, now assumes the role of RPC’s leader. Alongside his leadership in RPC, Haynes also serves as the senior pastor of Friendship-West Baptist Church in Dallas, Tx., where his focus is on the intersections of faith and justice.

RPC’s Historical Roots and Expansion:
The Rainbow PUSH Coalition was inspired by the antiracist and multicultural Rainbow Coalition movement established in 1969 by José Jiménez, William Fesperman, and Fred Hampton. Initially devoted to improving the economic conditions of Black communities, RPC later expanded its efforts into social and political development, including direct action campaigns and media broadcasts.

Haynes’ Experience and Accolades:
As Rev. Jackson’s successor, Haynes brings a wealth of experience and recognition. He has been honored by various organizations for his ministry and activism. The NAACP, among others, congratulates him on his new role, expressing confidence that his leadership will guide RPC forward during this pivotal moment.

Rev. Jesse Jackson’s retirement marks the end of an era, but his legacy will undoubtedly continue through Frederick Douglass Haynes III’s leadership. As the new President and CEO of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition, Haynes is committed to upholding Jackson’s foundational work while pursuing freedom, equity, justice, and human rights. The transition represents a significant chapter in the ongoing fight for civil rights in the United States and beyond.

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