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Lionel Messi is ‘very pleased’ with his decision to sign with Inter Miami after bringing the club to the verge of its first championship in its history.

Lionel Messi expressed his contentment with his choice to join Inter Miami, stating that he is “extremely pleased” with the outcome of his decision, as he has propelled the Major League Soccer (MLS) team to the verge of securing its inaugural championship.

Since joining the club in July, Lionel Messi has successfully scored nine goals in six matches. This achievement places him in the third position on the club’s historical scoring chart, with a mere 20 goals separating him from his compatriot Gonzalo Higuain, who now holds the top spot. Additionally, Messi’s contributions have been instrumental in propelling Inter Miami to the final of the CONCACAF Leagues Cup.

On Tuesday, Inter Miami emerged victorious with a 4-1 win over Philadelphia Union in the semifinal match. Notably, Messi contributed to the team’s success by scoring a goal. This victory secures Inter Miami’s spot in the final, where they will compete against Nashville SC on Saturday in Nashville, Tennessee. This upcoming match presents the club with the chance to secure its first trophy after four seasons of competitive play.

Acknowledging that he is still in the process of adapting to his new life in the United States, Lionel Messi conveyed his satisfaction with his choice to join Inter Miami, despite purported interest from Saudi Arabia or other destinations. It is worth noting that his relocation to the US occurred a mere six weeks ago.

Messi, expressing himself in Spanish, informed journalists on Thursday that he arrived at this destination with the intention of engaging in soccer and perpetuating his lifelong passion for the sport. The decision to select this particular location was motivated by the presence of these aforementioned factors.

I am pleased to express my satisfaction with the decision I made and the manner in which my family and I lead our daily lives, as well as our enjoyment of the city and the fresh experience it offers. Furthermore, I am grateful for the warm reception we received from the residents of Miami and the general population of the United States since our arrival.

The individual, aged 36, explicitly emphasized the need for adaptation to the environment in Florida.

Messi acknowledged that his transition back to daily routines and training after a month and a half of vacation was initially challenging, particularly due to the demanding nature of physical exertion and the adverse effects of high humidity. The current temperature is significantly high. Adapting to the local climate proves to be challenging, as indicated by the personal experiences of the individuals who have been in this region for an extended period of time and continue to endure the adverse effects of the high temperatures.

Messi proceeded to express admiration towards the club for its assistance during the transitional phase that he and his family had experienced outside of the sporting realm.

“In all honesty, we are presently engaged in the task of locating appropriate lodging, given that our arrival in Miami transpired around six weeks ago. Regrettably, we have yet to secure a permanent residence, leaving us without a definitive abode at present,” Messi revealed.

However, the task has shown to be quite effortless, remarkably effortless. The decision to relocate to this destination was firmly established, as the individuals encountered within the local community, including those affiliated with the club and encountered on a daily basis within the urban environment, have significantly contributed to a seamless and contented living experience inside this remarkable city.

The school has also facilitated our adjustment and integration into our daily routines, making the transition much smoother than anticipated. This stands in stark contrast to our previous experience of relocating from Barcelona to Paris, which proved to be considerably more challenging.

Following a commendable initiation with Inter Miami, Messi expressed his aspiration to guide the MLS club towards securing its inaugural championship, deeming such an achievement as remarkable.

Messi remarked that winning trophies would have a significant impact not only on himself, but also on the club’s fans who desire continued growth and substantial transformation.

Moreover, it would be quite commendable. It is noteworthy to observe the commendable dedication exhibited by Inter fans, who consistently attend each game to provide unwavering support. The stadium consistently attains maximum capacity, reflecting the overwhelming enthusiasm of the fanbase. The club in question is quite new, having been established recently. Therefore, achieving their first championship would be an extraordinary feat, generating a sense of awe and excitement among all involved.

This year, the Leagues Cup, which is a yearly competition held between Major League Soccer (MLS) and Liga MX from Mexico, underwent an expansion to encompass the participation of all teams within both leagues.

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