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Maryland 5 Star at Fair Hill: Paving the Way for Equestrian Eventing Growth

Maryland 5 Star at Fair Hill: Paving the Way for Equestrian Eventing Growth

With the upcoming return of the Maryland 5 Star at Fair Hill event for its third consecutive year, organizers and local officials are eagerly anticipating the growth and progress of this prestigious international equestrian eventing spectacle.

Fair Hill, situated in Elkton, Cecil County, serves as the backdrop for this equestrian triathlon, comprising dressage, cross-country, and show jumping disciplines. Earning the esteemed 5 Star designation, the Fair Hill event stands out as one of just two in the United States and seven worldwide.

Terry Hasseltine, president of the Sport and Entertainment Corporation of Maryland, traces the event’s roots back almost 30 years when Fair Hill hosted a successful 3-star competition. Recognizing the venue’s potential, efforts were made to elevate it to a higher status by introducing a 4-star event. Subsequently, the International Federation for Equestrian Sports introduced a new system, allowing Fair Hill to ascend to the coveted 5-star level.

Now in its third year, the event continues to make significant strides, showing steady growth in attendance, revenue, and sponsorship. These encouraging developments enable organizers to explore new opportunities and achieve greater success in the future.

Cecil County Government, represented by Director of Administration Steve Overbay, aims to further engage the community and generate local and international interest in the event. The 5 Star event is a testament to the region’s rich equestrian heritage, celebrating the contributions of farmers and horse breeders in Cecil County.

Beyond showcasing equestrian excellence, the event contributes to Maryland’s economy and promotes Cecil County. It serves as an avenue for generating tax revenue and establishing a distinct community identity, elevating the county’s profile on the world stage.

Director of Economic Development, Bill Sorensen, highlights the event’s positive impact on the county’s tourism sector, drawing visitors and financial support.

As the event enters its critical third year, organizers are focused on increasing spectators and strengthening the event’s stability and financial backing. This continued growth will ensure that the Maryland 5 Star at Fair Hill cements its position as a premier equestrian event and a source of pride for Cecil County.

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