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Maryland Life Sciences Jobs Surge, Outpace National Average Through 2022

Maryland, (Qnnflash) – Maryland’s vibrant life sciences ecosystem is thriving, providing gainful employment to over 54,000 individuals. The sector has experienced remarkable job expansion since 2019, welcoming a surge of fresh talent into its fold.

Over the past four years, Maryland’s life sciences industry has witnessed an impressive 39% increase in new job opportunities. The momentum continued in 2022, with the state’s life sciences sector generating 22,117 new jobs—an impressive 12.5% uptick in employment. This outpaced the national average, where the U.S. life sciences job market grew by 10.4% during the same period, as revealed in a recent jobs report.

This comprehensive report, commissioned by 20 state bioscience associations, including the Maryland Tech Council, underscores the profound economic impact of the life sciences nationwide. The U.S. life sciences industry is rapidly expanding, outperforming other employment sectors. Data from the report highlights that the industry has registered a growth of over 8%, surpassing the 6.9% growth observed in other sectors. This robust growth has fueled a fierce competition for talent—a trend observed not only nationally but also within Maryland, which now proudly claims the title of the third-largest biotech hub in the United States.

Kelly Schultz, Chief Executive Officer of the Maryland Tech Council and former Maryland Commerce Secretary, emphasized the report’s significance in highlighting the state’s vibrant life sciences sector. Beyond its economic contribution of approximately $20 billion, the industry offers substantial financial rewards to its workforce. Average annual incomes in the life sciences sector hover around $128,800 statewide—almost $60,000 more than the $68,900 statewide average for all industries combined.

Schultz acknowledged the sector’s exponential growth in Maryland, outpacing national trends. She expressed the importance of embracing this growth and mobilizing the state’s support, emphasizing that the Maryland Tech Council is actively working to educate policymakers on the industry’s significance. The life sciences industry in Maryland comprises over 2,700 different companies, including prestigious federal research institutions and the FDA. Collectively, the life sciences sector contributes nearly $20 billion to the state’s annual economy.

Despite recent economic challenges, the upward trajectory of Maryland’s life sciences industry shows no signs of slowing down. The industry’s growth is projected to continue, offering a host of employment opportunities in the coming years. An analysis commissioned by Maryland’s Life Sciences Advisory Board estimates the creation of thousands of new positions, underscoring the sector’s expansion within the state.

Notably, research and testing roles have accounted for approximately 40% of job postings since 2019, signaling the sector’s emphasis on cutting-edge innovation. About 34% of the jobs have been within the pharmaceutical sector, while 17% have focused on medical technology. Bioscience distribution jobs comprise 7%, while the remaining roles are spread across agricultural and industrial biosciences.

Companies at the forefront of Maryland’s life sciences industry, such as AstraZeneca, Thermo Fisher Scientific, BD, and more, have exhibited remarkable leadership with their new job postings. As the report highlights, the life sciences industry remains accessible to individuals with varying educational backgrounds. Nearly a quarter of the job openings since 2019 have been accessible to high school diploma or GED holders, showcasing the industry’s inclusivity. Moreover, about 40% of all industry job postings have required one year or less of industry experience.

In a proactive response to the industry’s growth, Maryland has launched BioHub Maryland—an online portal designed to address the burgeoning workforce needs of the life sciences industry. This portal caters to individuals with diverse academic backgrounds, offering a roadmap to navigate the swiftly expanding life sciences ecosystem. Job seekers can explore potential careers based on their education, learn about the necessary skills and job responsibilities, and even discover related positions to broaden their prospects.

Kelly Schultz anticipates that BioHub Maryland is just the initial step in their journey. The larger vision includes future training programs for job candidates, supported by industry partners. For now, BioHub Maryland serves as a pivotal gateway for job seekers, ushering them into a thriving industry that anchors Maryland’s economy and holds the promise of a dynamic and impactful career path.

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