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Maryland small businesses thrive in these counties

Maryland, (Qnnflash) – In 2021, the IRS received an unprecedented 5.4 million business applications, marking a historic high since the U.S. government began monitoring such data in 2004. This surge in applications has highlighted the significant role that small businesses play in the American economy, employing nearly half of the nation’s workforce, as reported by the Chamber of Commerce.

However, when considering regional differences, the business landscape varies significantly. The Chamber of Commerce’s report indicates that the Midwest stands out as the most favorable region for businesses due to factors such as a lower cost of living, a well-educated workforce, and regulations that support reduced taxes and more flexible zoning restrictions.

While the East and West coasts boast their own unique offerings, such as California’s Silicon Valley and Hollywood or New York’s financial hub, states like Delaware, Wyoming, and Nevada even allow businesses to be incorporated without a physical presence in the state.

For a more granular analysis, altLINE utilized Census Bureau data to identify counties in Maryland with the highest concentration of small businesses in 2021. This was calculated by considering the number of small establishments per 1,000 residents. Small establishments were defined as those with fewer than 500 employees. Counties with populations below 1,000 were excluded, as well as those without reliable population estimates from the Census Bureau.

It’s important to note that states permitting nonresidents to incorporate businesses are likely to exhibit a higher ratio of small businesses to residents, as not all small businesses are run by individuals residing in the state.

Examining the types of counties that ranked highest in each state unveils intriguing trends. Many world-class vacation spots appear on these lists, possibly due to tourists seeking to experience local life through small businesses like restaurants, bakeries, bars, and boutiques.

While some major cities made the list, less populous counties and smaller towns are more prevalent. While the majority of small businesses are located in metropolitan areas, those situated in rural regions often demonstrate greater stability, potentially owing to the loyalty of local residents or the absence of competition from larger corporations.

This data-driven exploration dives into the counties in Maryland with the most concentrated small business activity and provides a broader perspective by comparing it across all 50 states. It serves as an inspiring resource for anyone considering their next entrepreneurial endeavor.

Contributions to this story include data reporting by Paxtyn Merten and writing by Annalise Mantz. This is part of a series that utilizes data automation to analyze trends across all 50 states.

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