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Meta’s Threads is temporarily restricting COVID-19-related searches.

(Qnnflash) — For its decision to limit searches for terms like “coronavirus,” “Covid,” and other inquiries related to the ongoing pandemic, Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has received criticism.

According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the well-known technology company’s decision to limit searches related to the coronavirus on its platform comes as the United States is dealing with a recent rise in hospitalizations caused by COVID-19. This development occurs more than three years into the ongoing global pandemic.

The Washington Post was the first to report on Threads’ use of coronavirus-related search restrictions.

According to a representative from Meta, the firm just initiated the expansion of keyword search functionality for Threads to more nations as of last week.

According to the statement, the search capability is currently unable to display results for keywords that may potentially contain sensitive content. In future updates, individuals will have the capability to do keyword searches, such as ‘COVID’, if a satisfactory level of confidence is attained regarding the accuracy and reliability of the search results.

Users who performed searches on the Threads app on Monday using terms like “coronavirus,” “Covid,” and “Covid-19” received a blank page with the message “No results.” The search query for “vaccine” yielded no results. When users input any of these questions into the Threads app, they are provided with a link that redirects them to the CDC’s official website, which has information related to COVID-19 or immunizations, depending on the specific search.

Meta could not provide information regarding the specific keyword searches that now do not produce any results.

During the initial stages of the pandemic, Meta’s Facebook and other social media platforms encountered significant controversy due to the perceived dissemination of misinformation pertaining to COVID-19 on their platforms.

Early in July, Meta officially unveiled Threads, an application. In its initial week, the app acquired almost 100 million sign-ups, following a period of turmoil at Twitter, which has now undergone a rebranding as X. However, a significant portion of the excitement diminished in the subsequent weeks as users became aware that the rudimentary platform still did not possess certain elements that had contributed to X’s popularity among users.

At the end of last month, Threads unveiled its eagerly awaited web version, and a week ago, it added its keyword search function. However, the existing constraints pertaining to its search functionality underscore the need for further refinement on the platform in order to completely supplant the real-time search and interactive encounter that social media users have traditionally depended on with X.

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