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More than 200 wearing inflatable dinosaur costumes race in annual championship

Washington, (Qnnflash) – In a whimsical scene reminiscent of prehistoric times, a suburban Seattle racetrack was transformed into a land of dinosaurs over the weekend. More than 200 participants donned inflatable Tyrannosaurus rex costumes and raced down the track for the 2023 T-Rex World Championships at Emerald Downs.

What initially began as a team-building activity for a pest control company in 2017 has since evolved into a widely anticipated event open to all enthusiasts. This year’s championship concluded with an exciting photo finish on Sunday, as three competitors crossed the finish line in unison. Ocean Kim, hailing from Kailua, Hawaii, clinched the victory in the 100-yard (91.2-meter) dash, narrowly edging out the competition. Colton Winegar of Boise, Idaho, portraying Deno the Dino, secured second place, while Seth Hirschi, known as Rex Ray Machine, claimed third place.

The costumes sported by the participants feature the iconic design of inflatable outfits often associated with Halloween. Equipped with fan systems that inflate the T. rex costumes, these quirky ensembles add a playful bulk to the racers’ appearances. While the actual Tyrannosaurus rex may have been a formidable runner during its time, the competitors in the T-Rex World Championships embraced the challenge with humor, rather than athletic prowess.

The authentic Tyrannosaurus rex roamed the Earth around 65 to 67 million years ago. According to a study published in the journal Science a couple of years ago, it is estimated that approximately 2.5 billion of these dinosaurs existed in total. The fascination with this carnivorous creature has only grown over time, fueled in part by Hollywood movies like the iconic “Jurassic Park” franchise.

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