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Mr. Beast files a lawsuit to have the ghost-kitchen that made Mr. Beast Burgers closed down.

MrBeast, a renowned YouTuber, has filed suit against the “ghost kitchen” responsible for his eponymous burger, alleging that the company is leveraging his name and popularity to grow at the expense of its product’s quality.

Monday saw the initial paperwork for the legal action be submitted to the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York.

The lawsuit claimed that Virtual Dining Concepts did not oversee the quality of the MrBeast Burger customer experience or products because it was more concerned with quickly growing the business so that it can promote the concept of the virtual restaurant to other famous people.

In 2020, amid the Covid-19 pandemic, MrBeast (actual name: Jimmy Donaldson) engaged Orlando, Florida-based Virtual Dining Concepts to introduce the MrBeast Burger concept. According to the lawsuit, using a “ghost kitchen” served a “simple” commercial purpose. A virtual eatery serving MrBeast-branded food would be established in collaboration with established eateries, which would be responsible for preparing the meals and sharing a “significant” portion of the revenue. There would be no need for in-store table service if the goods could be ordered through food delivery services.

The lawsuit claimed that MrBeast’s brand and reputation suffered irreparable harm due to the product’s obvious low quality. The lawsuit asserts that Donaldson suffered damages sufficient to warrant termination of the broken contract and closure of the MrBeast burger business.

Beast Investments is demanding a jury trial, the payment of royalties, a “accounting of all revenues and expenses of the MrBeast Burger business,” and an injunction preventing VDC from making any future use of the MrBeast brand, the MrBeast name, image, and intellectual property rights.

In a statement, VDC called the allegations against it “inaccuracies” and implied that Donaldson filed the lawsuit as retaliation for the company’s refusal to sign a new agreement with him. The corporation has announced that it will be taking legal action against the man.

“When VDC didn’t give in to his bullying tactics to give him more of the company, he filed this ill-advised and pointless lawsuit to hurt the MrBeast Burger brand and get out of his contracts without a reason,” the statement said.

YouTube claims Donaldson has 172 million subscribers, more than any other creator. He became wealthy through a combination of extravagant antics, large financial handouts, and charitable deeds, like as paying for the cataract surgery of hundreds of previously blind people.

The lawsuit claims that customers found the burger to be “disgusting,” “revolting,” and “inedible.”

In the lawsuit, Donaldson alleged that over 50% of MrBeast Burger’s virtual eateries have ratings of =2 stars. The New York City restaurant MrBeast Burger, for instance, has only 2.1 ratings on Yelp. Hundreds of restaurants around the world now serve the popular burger. It was claimed in the complaint that MrBeast itself was to blame for the poor quality of the burgers.

According to the complaint, Donaldson did not provide VDC authorization to register trademarks for the MrBeast brand in any of the countries included in the complaint (the European Union, Canada, Thailand, Singapore, Mexico, and Malaysia).

According to the lawsuit, Mr. Beast is the one who has “borne the brunt of the (justified) attacks and criticisms” rather than Virtual Dining Concepts. This is because “everything rests on the immense popularity and success of the MrBeast name around the world.”

“Despite the company’s multimillion-dollar success, MrBeast has seen none of the profits,” claims made in the case.

According to the complaint, Beast Investments did indeed grant VDC permission to use the plaintiff’s likeness, name, and picture.

The complaint claimed that MrBeast had to have complete say over how his name, likeness, and brand were used by the MrBeast Burger company since he had spent years building his name into a household one among the world’s most valuable brands.

A video Donaldson made about the introduction of MrBeast Burger, titled “I Opened A Restaurant That Pays You To Eat At It,” has received over 160 million views on YouTube, and Donaldson claims VDC quickly profited on the brand’s early popularity.

In 2022, a MrBeast Burger storefront debuted at New Jersey’s American Dream mall, and the opening day crowds were insane.

According to the complaint, Donaldson complained about the food quality. Donaldson tweeted in June that he enjoys managing his Feastables food company “100X more” than his burger franchise.

“I can’t promise you a high-quality order when you get Beast Burger,” he said on Twitter. Unfortunately, you have no say in the matter when collaborating with other dining establishments.

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